Interesting Facts about Roulette Casino Online Gambling Game

Interesting Facts about Roulette Casino Online Gambling Game

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I’m sure everyone already knows this game, especially for the gambling enthusiast. If you think that a Roulette game is a game that comes out of nowhere like a steel wheel that spins and is ready to swallow players’ money and can distribute cash that might change people’s lives, you’ve mistakenly rated it.

Interesting Facts about Roulette Casino Online Gambling Game

Roulette has a varied and unique history, Roulette is one game that has not changed for centuries. There are five interesting facts you might not know about the most popular games in the casino, including:

1. The Devil’s Number

The Roulette Wheel (either version 0 or 00) is sometimes nicknamed the “Devil’s Wheel.” That’s because the numbers on the wheels if added together will appear the number 666, which is the number of Satan in Christian belief. Initially, these numbers were placed on the wheel in an orderly manner to avoid cheating and the problem of the “one-sided wheel” number that was featured on one side or the other.

2. Small wheels for Roly Poly

The term “Roulette” is taken from the French designation, which means “Little Wheel.” Although there has been a strong history showing that the game of Roulette was discovered by the French physicist named Blaise Pascal in his attempt to make a wheel that could show continuous movement, recently Roulette was claimed to be similar to an English game called “Roly Poly.” The simplified version of the game Roly Poly is a 17th-century game that features a spinning wheel and a ball inside it that first appears with an Even / Odd (or ‘E / O’) slot.

3. James Bond System

Agent 007 James Bond is a Roulette player, and his favorite number is 17 (according to the original book by Ian Fleming and saw how he played this game in the film). Despite having a favorite number, James Bond also likes to play with his own betting system called “two dozen (two dozen).”

Here’s how it works: You should focus on column bets, around 2/1 shots that include 12 numbers at a time. Betting on both columns at the same time (for two 2/1 shots) plus a single zero green bet (0). The zero chance acts as insurance so that a positive number appears. For lotteries, you can bet worth US $ 14 in one column, US $ 5 in another number, and US$ 10 in zero. If you lose, you only lose a little.

4. People who have conquered the Monte Carlo casino

In 1873, Joseph Jagger used an assistant to find notes on the Roulette wheel in the casino and used that information to make a profit. Years later, a man named Charles Deville Wells was inspired by the story of Jagger. He successfully defeated the Monte Carlo casino with 23 wins in a row by betting the only US $ 6,000 in the capital and earning US$ 1 million. In his honor, the Monte Carlo made a song and book entitled “The Man Who Broke the Bank At Monte Carlo” which made the name Wells increasingly famous. You can listen to the singer named Charles Coborn to echo this song, who knows can inspire you to the world of Roulette.

5. People who have defeated casinos in the United States

In 2009, a businessman named Ashley Revell sold all of his assets and went to visit one of the casinos in Las Vegas. What is surprising is that all the sales of his possessions worth US$ 136 million, he bet all on one single number in the Roulette wheel game. And as a result, he won $ 40 million in money then Ashley used the money to form a gambling company.


Known to the company named P.S.Revell’s which was successfully formed with the money won, the company developed an Online Poker site called Poker UTD in 2012. That was the 5th fact that you might not know about the game Roulette.

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